Less Talk​.​.​.​More Beard

by The Black Moons



THANK YOU - To all the musicians we worked with who helped make collection of tunes possible. We had a blast making it from beginning to end.


released September 22, 2015

All songs written by Jake Ohlbaum

The Black Moons
Will Butera - drums
Liz Duska - vocals
Scott McIntyre - bass, backing vocals
Jake Ohlbaum - lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
Harry Price - acoustic and electric guitar, backing vocals

Christian Wilder - piano, organ, backing vocals, percussion
Marc Malanca - guitar on track 2
Ashlyn Willson - vocals on track 3
Queade Dweh - vocals on track 3
Julian Dessler - trumpet on track 3
Will Zimmer - trombone on track 3
Sean Devivo - tenor saxophone on track 3

Produced by Marc Malanca and The Black Moons
Mixed and Mastered by Yianni Anastos-Prastacos


all rights reserved



The Black Moons Nashville, Tennessee

The Black Moons are a Nashville based indie-rock band with influences in almost every major musical genre. Beatles and Eagles inspired harmony with a hard hitting rhythm section make for an exuberant live show and incredibly tight songwriting and record making. With releases in 2014 and 2015, The Black Moons are looking forward and aiming high with a folky and original brand of "fun rock." ... more

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Track Name: Only Got the Night
Cities overhead, chivalry ain't dead anymore
Something hit the daze, put you in your place
Every light is so inviting, there's no time to talk it out

Cause we only got the night
We only got the night
And it might not be what's right, but it'll make you feel alive tonight
We only got the night

Courage, drink it down, no one else around anymore
Watching you get down, stalking battle ground
Let's abandon intuition, let the frustrations out


Every time I see you flying, there I go and then I'm out

Track Name: Waiting by the Phone
You keep leaving me hanging
You won't tell me what's wrong
I'm just stuck in a panic
Feel like crying for just so long

What am I supposed to do now
You've covered my eyes with a sheet
I've been blinded by your loving
No escape, you just leave me

Waiting by the phone, Waiting by the phone
I am tired of the games, tired of the wait
Won't you look into my eyes, take off your disguise
Tell it to me straight, cause baby I just can't wait anymore

Time is working against us
Lies are ruling my mind
I'm just trying to make some sense of this
But dead ends are all that I find

Please just tell me the problem
Let me be your helping hand
I may not be so able
But I got love that you'll never understand if I keep

Track Name: Wave of Love
You came in like a tidal wave, rushing to the shore
Walked in like a lightning bolt when I opened up the door
And now I'm trying to figure out the man I was before I met you
Cause now it seems like I'm all shook up and I don't know what to do
I had nothing to drink tonight, but I'm drunk off of your love
I wanna run to the tallest tower and shout it from above

Cause there's a wave of love and it's taking me down
There's a wave of love and it's turning me round
Fever is high, a hundred and five, I am alive and I can't hide myself from this wave of love

Most times when I thought of you, I had to catch my breath
But I had bigger problems since you put my heart under arrest
I try to tell you but I can't explain it, the way you make me feel
You hijacked my soul and body now everything is real
I don't care much for coffee but I'm bouncing off the walls
I wanna run away because this love is gonna fall on me


I had nothing to drink tonight, but I'm drunk off of your love
I wanna run to the tallest tower and shout it from above

Track Name: This Is Not the End
It's been a while since you cracked a smile
Broken down on the very last mile
You keep thinking happiness is dead
Sunny day but you can't see straight
Your good luck is running late
Life brought you to your knees instead

You try to let it go
But no one really knows how you feel when you're down

But this is not the end
This is not the end
Sometimes when you're down, you need to hear it from a friend
So this is not the end

You're worn out and you're out of breath
All you do is sit and rest
No energy for something new
You wanna get back in the ring
Wanna dance and you wanna sing
The restart is the hardest thing to do

You think you lost your touch
The sadness just won't budge, but do you hear that sound


It's been a while since you cracked a smile
You just can't go the extra mile
You feel dizzy from the discontent


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