Half​-​Hearted & Climbing

by The Black Moons



THANK YOU - To everyone who made this album possible. All the musicians who created, played, engineered, mixed, mastered, and loved on the record. Your creativity is just as much a part of this as ours and we cannot thank you enough for your time and generosity. Specifically, a gigantic thank you to Yianni Anastos-Prastacos for making these songs come to life. Thank you to countless teachers, both musical and non-musical. Thank you to our friends, family, and most importantly, our parents. Our creativity in this band is a reflection of and on your lives. Thank you to anyone and everyone who supports this project; it is because of you that we are able to create and continue to climb with the whole of our hearts.


released September 16, 2014

All songs written by Jake Ohlbaum, except for track 10, written by Nick Paprocki

The Black Moons
Will Butera - drums
Scott McIntyre - bass, backing vocals, electric guitar, percussion
Jake Ohlbaum - lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, piano, organ, synth, percussion
Nick Paprocki - acoustic and electric guitar, backing vocals, percussion

Paige Chaplin - vocals on tracks 4 and 12
Jakob Reinhardt - mandolin on track 10
Arieh Berl - electric guitar on track 13, backing vocals on tracks 3 and 5, percussion
Lucas Carbonneau - electric guitar on track 12
Ariel Shrum - trumpet on tracks 2, 6, and 8
Will Zimmer - trombone on tracks 2, 6, and 8
Emily Sherman - tenor saxophone on tracks 2, 6, and 8


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The Black Moons Nashville, Tennessee

The Black Moons are a Nashville based indie-rock band with influences in almost every major musical genre. Beatles and Eagles inspired harmony with a hard hitting rhythm section make for an exuberant live show and incredibly tight songwriting and record making. With releases in 2014 and 2015, The Black Moons are looking forward and aiming high with a folky and original brand of "fun rock." ... more

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Track Name: Dragons
I've been trying hard
I've been looking far
Trying hard to be myself
I've been moving on
I've been taking walks
Hang my troubles from the shelf

And I know if there's time, I will take all day
In stride, not to waste it away
And if these dragons all breathe fire I will tell them
This castle is too tall for you to break

I don't wanna cry
But I've been wondering why
Why my life is still on fire
Cause I've been getting clean
And trying hard to dream
Wash my hands of this desire


Maybe I'm headed for a breakdown
Maybe I've had one here before
But I have seen my brightest days when I'm in darkness
So bring on the light
Track Name: Dirty Boots
She's giving me a hard time waving those dirty black boots up in my face
You know her man might not condone my lips around looking for a taste
I try to tell her this isn't me, girl - you're not allowed to grab my hand
But she's got temptation that no other man can understand
She's got me going
And I should be going
Under the spell and now I'm falling in

She's so heavy and she's so strong
And I don't think that I can resist
She's a cheater and she did him wrong
And I can't take the things that she does
The boots are just too strong

I never had a love like this, so beautiful and yet so wrong
I can't explain how I just love and hate her stringing me along
She's getting angry, I'm getting reckless, I think it's time I left her place
But I gotta tell you she's got seduction that a man just can't erase
She's got me breathing
And I should be leaving
But I don't think I'm gonna leave

Track Name: San Diego
She breathes deeper through those eyes, puts on Beatles forty-fives
She don't know where to go, who to be or what to dream
Cause every time she flips the lights on they turn on for her
But she's still afraid just to open up the door out from

San Diego seems to always want her back
But beyond the rainbow she just wants to find a path
Cause she doesn't know just who she is
She's just from San Diego, and San Diego knows who she will be

And as she walks these Boston streets, she's getting bored just by the week
She gets by and never cries, afraid that soon her dream might die cause
She just wants to be onstage with the bright lights beating down
But she still can't escape the comfort that she gets from downtown


When love passes by her door and in a flash it's gone
She'll just carry on
All the sunlight turns to streetlights in the darkness
As she grows older through her skin

Track Name: Autumn in New York
I wish it was autumn in New York
Bright lights and leaves seemed to breeze 'cross the floor
The mornings were fresh and the evenings were begging for more

I wish it was autumn in New York
The people would sway like the boats on the shore
With you there beside me I feel like myself, even more

And I know the time isn't right
And I know the grass isn't green anymore
The Hudson and the Brooklyn will open their eyes and their doors
And we've got a long way to go
And we've got a hunger and love we can show
And I know that we'll both have a little bit more when autumn arrives in New York

I wish it was autumn in New York
Jazz cats are playing their songs on the porch
We'll dance till we drop and tomorrow our hearts will be sore

Oh the things we would do in New York
The days we would cherish, the nights we'd adore
It's better than springtime, and summer and winter are bored


Next time it's autumn in New York
I will be there as you walk past your door
My hand in your hand we'll be together once more

Track Name: Careful With My Heart
I've been on this new love for a while
She makes me feel like I'm the only one
But I am still unsure, cause I ain't opened any door without it slamming on me

The shadows draw in closer
The past is coming closer
I don't want to lose her while I'm finding who I am
I am fragile, made of glass - be careful with my heart

The whole room is spinning
And my love, this new love will have a start
And I know they'll be a time when we'll never be apart
So be careful, careful with my heart

She used to turn the corner everyday
Having me surrender all the time
But when she talks to me, I am who I want to be all the way

We're walking just to run away
Having me holding what I wanna say
With my heart in your hand I can't be a patient man
For trust, so you must be careful with my heart


We're walking just to run away
Having me holding what I wanna say
With my heart in your hand I can't be a patient man
For trust, be careful with my heart
Track Name: Where I Belong
Sunlight, sunlight mixes with my groove
Makes my smile shine the brightest colors
And I don’t care that my girl just left me
It only makes my skin that much tougher

And when this groove hits me right
And I am feeling in the moment
Only so much I can say to you
Before I sing a song that goes like this

I don’t care about the heartbreak
My heart ain’t broken anymore
Cause at the end of the day
Everything is where it belongs and you know I’m where I belong

Hey baby you think that you broke me
You could not break a nail
You think that you left me
I think your heartbreak project failed


I am where I belong
I am where I belong
I am where, where, where I belong

Track Name: Free as the Rain
The storm will blow over and I will learn to survive
This love will pass over, our souls still alive
My feelings considered, my feelings aside
Now is the moment for learning, for me and my heart to realize

It’s the times when we learn something more
It’s the times when we learn we can’t open the door
It’s the times we’re allowed to feel pain when we’re free as the rain

My mind is a nation, it never surrenders
But this time is different, I’ve silenced my temper


And now I can see that all these tears have made for me a way to new light
It’s starting to come down in buckets and out of my sight


It’s the times when our hearts kiss the ground
It’s the moments when finally lost becomes found
It’s the times we’re allowed to feel pain when we’re free as the rain
Track Name: Give Me Back To You
You tease me when you walk that way down the street
I’m telling you my heart might have skipped a few beats
You’re just too irresistible my baby
The clothes you wear and the way you talk
The attitude you bring when you’re feeling distraught
Make it a sin for any man to say “maybe”

They say “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone,” but I still disagree
Cause all that time I was letting you go I knew you, you knew me
I just hate that it’s been so long since you cared for me
And now I run into you just to see

I miss your love baby, and I miss loving you
I miss you telling me what to do
I miss your heart baby, if it’s the last thing I do
I’ll win you back and give me back to you

The little things you say when we’re on the phone
The little things you do when we’re all alone
It makes me stir and you bet it’s driving me crazy
I know well what we had before wasn’t serious, I knew the score
But I’ll make sure we’re both winners today

They say “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone,” but I still disagree
Cause all that time I was letting you go I knew you, you knew me
So here I am for a second chance, hand it all to me
And if I go home with you, let it be


And if you think I’ve gone insane, I promise that it’s only for you and only for a special kind of situation
Cause that’s the way you play the game
I’m a tiger that you’ll never tame
Get ready for an all new exploration

Track Name: Off of My Mind
I met you sometime in September
But I don’t remember the timing
When I met you, something had started
I was half hearted and climbing
Days go by, thunderstorms happen
Sunshine in Manhattan, when I’m dreaming
I’m in too deep, and now that I’ve fallen
I’ll try to stop calling in the evenings

Cause I just gotta get you off of my mind, I need to get you off of my mind
Dust on the folds of your love I will find, I need to get you off my mind

Time stands still as we move through summer
All the while I wonder if you need me
Birds fly up, sing to the treetops
It’s almost like my teardrops are leaving

I look at you and where we are going
My scars are showing and yours too
I look at you and watch you while you’re sleeping
And I wonder if you’re dreaming of the marks we drew

Track Name: Times Like These
I never could be mad at you but I know you had your ways to twist the truth
I always tried to stand up for you but all you ever did was leave me black and blue

Should have made it clear you had enough
I know the hardest part of falling is getting up
Picking up your pieces was such a mess
You gave me time and I tried to pick up the rest

It’s times like these I try to forget

I never could confront you but you never would look past yourself I bet
I never got to talk to you but conversation hasn’t killed anyone yet

And all of your deception was always neat
It’s the sweetest kiss that always rots your teeth
Never shy about your lies till you got caught
You know the truth was just a word you through around a lot

It’s times like these I try to forget

Never thought to be there for your friends
Hiding in your dope and ignorance
Now you’ve come and gone, but the guilt lingers on
Your shadow haunts the corners of my room
Track Name: The Sound of the City
Woke up to sirens that were blasting, 3 am
It woke you up and then you rolled on to the other side
I tried pretending that I did nothing wrong, that you’re betrayal was a sacrifice
But every time I try to look at myself I seem to break down and cry
Do you remember the time you used to talk about how happy we were
And ever since that night, we let the sirens run our lives

Here we go, this is the sound of the city
Don’t let go, this is the sound of the city
Here we go, these are the sounds of the city

Too close for comfort has always been the song I sing
It’s like my footsteps when I’m walking to your doorstep in the twilight of spring
I’ve had enough of all the poets and the dreamers who tell me to shoot for the moon
Cause every time I take a step outside it’s like I’m falling too soon

Try to remember the day the streetlights changed the way you’re looking at me
Or maybe it was a reflection pool that made you want to leave me


On and off here we go
Off and on we move on
So don’t let go
Don’t let go
Don’t let go of my heart
Don’t let go
Track Name: Stay With You
I walked to your house in the pouring down rain
The rain it felt like graduation, pleasure drenched in pain
It’s been too long since I’ve seen or touched your face
And in those 20 hours you were gone without a trace

I like that shirt you wear, how it matches your eyes
I love the way the blue looks like the world when you cry
I want to take your smell with me past the day I die
And see you when I look up at the sky

I just want to stay with you
I just wanna hold you while you’re holding me too
I don’t know who I am without you and I don’t know what to do
So I just want to stay with you

We drove around in the rain as fast as we could go
How I’ll feel just when I’m gone, no one really knows
But when I take your hand, I found something divine
The spaces between your fingers were meant for mine


I lie awake, sometimes thinking about you
Not to say that I don’t think about other things too
But when you’re in my head, it feels like my whole world is clear
Silence is the only thing I hear

So part of me is comfortable, but scared at the same time
When I think about your fingers, although I don’t see mine
They say that when you love something you have to set it free
And I guess you’ll have to do the same for me

Track Name: The Eastern Skyline
Wherever I go, whatever I do
The eastern skyline brings me back
Whenever I'm down, whenever I'm blue
The eastern skyline has my back

And I know there is time to see the world
And I know there is time to find the pearls
And if I move on I'll be running all the time
Won't stop till it's love I find

I'm never alone, I'm never without
The energy that fills my soul
Whenever I cry, whenever I doubt
The snow and gravel bring me home


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